Monday, June 29, 2009

Online Banking - History Still in the Making?

A very famous cash management tool that banks now use is their online banking access. Some call it internet banking, online banking or other catchy names but basically, it allows clients of banks to access their account online, view their balance, check the history of their account, pay bills, transfer funds and other actions previously available only if you physically visit a branch of your bank. Online banking saves time, effort, gas, parking fees and it lets you avoid traffic rush hours. More and more banks are now moving towards having this tool and it is gaining popularity faster than the earlier version of a similar tool, which was telephone banking. But how did internet banking start? Here is a brief online banking history.

It is believed that online banking began in 1995. It was October 6 and Presidential Savings Bank offered an alternative to the usual branch banking by offering an online access of bank services. This opened the gates for banks solely existing in the internet and allowed other physical banks to join in. Nowadays, it is rare to see huge banks that offer no online banking services as more and more people get connected to the web. There are also more and more banks that advertise on the web and there are now a huge number of web domains owned by banks. This is basically the start of the online banking history.

Today, 30 banks in the US exist only in cyberspace and their depositors grow exponentially due to the fact that they are virtually accessible 24/7 and they are hassle free. There are several types of people who avail of online banking services. There are those that see it as a toll that they can use but do not really explore what else they can do with it aside from balance checking and bills payments. For other transactions, they would rather go straight to the source. Then, there are those that are avid internet users, mostly those that make a living or spend half of their day connected to the web. These are actually so dependent on online banking that if a bank does not offer this service, they won't even consider that bank.

It has now been a decade and three years since the birth of online banking and research shows that it is 100 more cost efficient for banks to run on cyberspace than to have the actual teller to process transactions. However, a pit fall here is that not all Americans are ready for this sort of thing. Some would rather have a face to face interaction with tellers as trust is till a big issue, especially when it comes to money (although online banking virtually destroys human error). Also, research indicate that although phone banking is slowly losing popularity, it is still the number one go-to when clients are at a lost.

Online banking history is still in the making. More and more advances are being made each day on this field and with that being said, let us expect more on internet banking.

By : Julian Davidson
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