Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Preview of Your Online Banking Security Benefits

The past decade has seen a great deal of change within the business of banking. Banking the old fashion away is no longer cost efficient or effective. Today, banks are encouraging their clients to bank and invest online whenever possible. Once way in which banks “encourage” their patrons is to charage larger fees for personal services which were once free. If you are getting charged any fee at all for your banking services you definitely need to shop around for a new bank.

Why is online banking so popular?

Some banks are simply not tech savvy enough to have the available online tools which can meet a modern investor's needs. Especially if you have a long history with a particular bank and you would rather not start over someplace else. You may want to inquire at your bank if they have any type of low cost checking or saving programs. Any service that requires human contact with a customer costs more money. Paying tellers and personal bankers is extremely expensive for a bank and they would much rather have the majority of their customers use the automated online, phone, and atm services. Training employees, uniforms, benefits, and overhead costs like rent on the branch office all cost money. But with the development of online banking and investment none of those things are any longer necessary.

Is investing online safe?

Investment companies also all their clients to invest and do research online. They have made available information that the casual investor simply could not get their hands on a decade ago. Now investment companies have company and stock profiles, investment tips, charts, guides, and even practice demos for online trading. Another benefit of online investing is that it can be any time of day. Clients love the ease of access and people can trade stocks from the privacy and comfort of their own homes. If you choose to do your investing online remember there will a small fee (less then a financial advisor fee) associated with each time you buy and sell stock. Make sure that when you give your money to an online investment company that you have research the company and they have long history of successful investing both online and off. Fraudulent activity online is fairly common and can be avoid if you are smart and educated investor.

Whether you do banking or investing online be sure to read the find print of the services offered. Double check the company's privacy policy. You want to make sure they are not going to sell your email address, home address, or phone number to telemarketing companies.

Certainly a check-less or paper-less system is also beneficial. It has been estimated that in the past each transaction made at bank cost a total of $4 dollars. Today, each internet transaction costs a total of 10 cents. The difference is all profit to the bank. There are some risk associated with online banking and investing however if you are careful with your personal information and choose the right institutions to do business with this concern will never be a reality.

By : Ewelike Chikaodi
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